Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains our policies regarding the collection, use, distribution and storage of your information received by saclongchampas the party that operates the website. The Site allows you to (i) view catalogs and purchase the products and/or services being sold; (ii) choose and use logistics service providers available on the Site for product delivery; (iii) make payments for products and/or services through payment facilities available on the Site (collectively, “Services”). We will only collect information that is needed and relevant in a buying and selling transaction.

We retain your personal information as long as required by law or as long as the information is still relevant for the purposes for which this information was originally collected. You can visit the saclongchamp Site and browse it without providing any personal information. During your visit to our Site, your identity will remain intact and cannot identify you.

We are very concerned about customer safety and privacy and will only collect, record, store and use your personal information for the purposes described below.

You understand that by entering your personal data on the Site to make a purchase, you understand and agree to the Privacy Policy and the applicable Terms and Conditions.

Collection of Personal Information

To take advantage of existing Services, you are required to provide certain personal information for the purchase process from the Site. Personal information collected includes but is not limited to (a) name, (b) delivery address, and (c) telephone/mobile number which will only be used for purposes related to the purchase transaction that you make.

We do not sell or trade customer personal information collected online by ourselves through the Site or through third parties. We are not responsible for the intentional disclosure of customer personal information or due to the negligence of third parties.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information collected from you will be used to include but not limited to the following:

  • provide your name, address and telephone/mobile number to third parties for the
  • purpose of delivering the product you purchased to the specified address;
    inform about delivery of goods and customer service assistance;
  • provide information about relevant products;
  • process your order and provide the services and information offered by our Site that you request;
  • send information that we think is important to our loyal customers or information that you have requested.
  • send marketing and/or promotional information. You can unsubscribe from marketing information by contacting us.

Rights – The Rights You Have to Disclosure of Personal Information

Access Rights: You have the right and can access information about your personal data at any time when you have made a purchase.

Correction Right: You have the right and can update the personal information that you enter during the purchase transaction. If any of your personal information is incorrect and/or needs to be updated, then you can contact the ksmi team using the telephone/mobile number that you registered at the time of the purchase transaction.

After you make a purchase we will store your personal data in connection with your transaction for bookkeeping purposes.

Right to Erasure: You have the right and can delete the personal information that you enter during a purchase transaction on the Site, except in the following conditions:

  • There are transactions that have not been sent or have only been partially sent; or
  • There is an issue and / or problem that has not been resolved.
    In the event that you intend to request Access Rights, Correction Rights and
  • Deletion Rights, here are the steps you need to take:
  • contact us using the telephone/cell phone number that you registered at the time of the previous purchase transaction; and/or
  • done by yourself

Right to Object to Processing of Personal Information: You have the right and can object to the processing of personal information that you input during a purchase transaction. However, please note that refusing to process such personal information will result in the cancellation of your purchase transaction. To complete a purchase transaction we will send your personal information to third parties for delivery purposes.

Personal Information Security

We ensure that all information collected will be stored securely. Protect all your personal information by limiting access to personal information.

We strive to ensure compliance with applicable data protection legal requirements to ensure the protection and safeguarding of your privacy and personal information. We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with applicable laws in Indonesian jurisdictions to protect your personal information. By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, you agree that the standards and practices we apply are reasonable and adequate to protect your personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

You hereby understand and agree that the information (including personal information) collected can be shared with any third party service providers including Software-as-a-Services service providers, payment service providers, logistics service providers and/or marketing service providers who work with us, to provide services on behalf of saclongchamp, to perform services related to the services or to help analyze how the services are used.

Third party service providers have access to information only to perform tasks on behalf of saclongchampand they are obligated not to disclose or use the information for any other purpose. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that these third party service providers are required to protect your personal information as well as comply with confidentiality/non-disclosure obligations and comply with applicable data protection laws.

Privacy Policy Changes

We may change and modify this Privacy Policy at any time. All policy changes will be announced through the Site and apply since the Privacy Policy is uploaded. It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions of this Policy periodically for changes. Your use of the Site after changes have been made will be deemed acceptance of those changes.